This was the second job of the day for the crew of Tri-State Diving. We were loading to leave to take out an ATV on Prairie Lake by Pelican Rapids when a call came into the dive center to remove two fish houses from Rush Lake south of Perham. I told them that if the ATV recovery did not take too long we could do it right after finishing that job. The crew that went on the job was Ryan Tangan, Tom Erickson, Tyler Erickson, Landon Usher, and Seal. The job went well and was finished in a little over 2 hours.



01 Location
02 setting up equip
Setting up equipment
03 Cutting hole
Cutting the hole
04 Putting extractor together
Putting extractor together
05 Gearing up diver
Gearing up a diver
06 Tied off to vehiclejpg
Tied off to vehicle
07 Pickup floating
Pickup floating
08 Extractor in place
Extractor in place
09 Removing llift bags
Removing lift bags
10 Ready to bring vechile down
Ready to bring vechile down
11 Pickup coming down
Pickup coming down
12 Show where it plowed into bottom
Shows where it plowed into bottom