On Feb. 1, 2008 the Tri-State Diving crew was on Rainy Lake to recover a F350 Ford full size crew cab diesel pickup with a plow attached. The first picture below shows the location where the vehicle had gone through the ice about 2 weeks prior while clearing snow to ice houses on the lake. Thor brought out an ice fish house (in the next picture) that we could use as a changing room and to keep warm. Most of the day was spent clearing and prepping the hole and getting the lift bags on the vehicle. Because of the time of day and the pickup not lining up it was decided to wait till the next day to finish the recovery. When we arrived at the site the pickup had settled and was lined up with the extractor. We still used two trucks and chains to help bring it up to the extractor as the plow had a mind of its own. Once it was lined up on the extractor it easily came out. Total weight was around 11,000 pounds so we had two snatch blocks to allow us to lift more weight. The crew consisted of Seal, Chris, Karl, Keith and Larry.



01 Location
02 Warming House
Warming House
03 Karl Keith removing ice
Karl Keith removing ice
04 Filling Lift Baggs
Filling Lift Baggs
05 Extractor set up
Extractor set up
06 Vehicle hooked up
Vehicle hooked up
07 Chris Seal disconecting bags
Chris and Seal disconecting bags
08 Plow coming up
Plow coming up
09 Vehicle being lowered
Vehicle being lowered
10 Vehicle setting on ice
Vehicle setting on the ice
11 Seal Chris Karl Keith NP Larry
Seal Chris Karl Keith NP Larry