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On January 7, 2011 the Tri-State Diving crew recovered a Pickup on Little Pine Lake. The first time we arrived at the lake they had not yet had a chance to plow a road out to the site so we switched our plan and traveled to Rush lake to recover a snowmobile. The following Friday we ventured to Little Pine Lake to do the recovery. The morning was cold and by the time we arrived the wind had picked up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. The recovery went well until it was out of the water. Because it was frozen inside the cab we could not take the PU out of gear so we were unable to pull it with the ATV. There was also a flat tire which did not help the situation. The owners did not want to get their other vehicles to close as they felt the ice was not thick enough. We used the wench and pulled it about 150 yards. They then had to hook up 3 vehicles to tow it back to the access. They spent over two hours towing it back. Divers on the crew were Ryan T., Ryan S., Chris L., and Seal.



1 Chevy recovery
Chevy recovery
2 settin up extractor
Setting up the extractor
3 Putting extractor in
Putting the extractor in
4 PU coming out
PU coming out
5 Front end damage when it went in
Front end damage when it went in
6 One happy camper
One happy camper
7 Resting on the ice
Resting on the ice
8 Inside frozen solid
Inside frozen solid
9 Moving to thicker ice
Moving to thicker ice