The Univ. of St. Thomas lost a sensor this fall in a wetland by Wendell MN and it was determined it would be easier to recover it after the wetland froze over as the it would be hard to put a boat in that would be big enough to hold all the equipment and crew. Larry Olson, Pat Johnston and Seal traveled to the site on Dec. 9, 2011 to do the job. Ice thickness was 6 at shore and 4 at the buoy and that area had only froze over on the 5th of Dec. It did not take Larry much time to find the sensor but when he brought it up it did not look like the one that was in the picture that was sent to us. I went back to the pickup and called, and talked to the researcher and they thought it was the right one. On the 12th they called and stated it was not the right one and wanted us to go back to Wendell and try again. On the 18th of Dec. Tom E, Tyler E, Chris W, and Seal went back down to Wendell after recovering a four wheeler that morning that went through the ice on Ottertail Lake. Seal searched about an eight ft. diameter around the buoy with no luck.



01 Shows access in back ground
Shows access in background
02 Larry setting up gear
Larry setting up gear
03 Finished hole
Finished hole
04 Larry handing up sensor to Seal
Larry handing up sensor to Seal
05 Heading home
Heading home