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On January 20th four Tri-State Diving Crew recovered a PU that went in on the sandbar between Big and Little Detroit on the previous afternoon.  The call came in to Tri-State Diving at 11:30 AM and we had the crew together and the vehicle out by 4:30 PM. It was about 20 below wind chill and we had to use two pickups to tow the vehicle back to shore as the wheels were frozen and would not turn. Those along were Pat Johnston, Keith Heinlein,Tyler Erickson, and Seal. Keith's son Joe was along for his first recovery and helped remove ice chunks.



01 Evaluating
Evaluating the job
02 Cutting ice
Cutting ice
03 Removing ice
Removing ice
04 Setting up extractor
Setting up the extractor
05 Loading on extractor
Loading onto the extractor
06 Close to tipping point
Close to the tipping point
07 Out of lake