Photo Gallery

Click below to find out more about some of the commercial jobs that Tri-State Diving has worked on.



46 201308IFalls
Rainy River Sensor Install
201308 Long Lake Stump Cutting
Long Lake Stump Cutting
201307 DLCruiser Recovery
Detriot Lake Cruiser Recovery
201301 DL Sandbar
Detroit Lake Sandbar Pickup Recovery
201207 Pelican burnt boat
Pelican Lake Burnt Boat Recovery
56 201201 Upper Red Lake Durango
Upper Red Lake Durango Recovery
58 201201 Big Cormorant rental PU
Big Cormorant Rental PU Recovery
60 201112 Wendell Sensor Recovery
Wendell Sensor Recovery
62 201112Rush Lake Fish Houses
Rush Lake Fish House Recoveries
64 201112 Prairie Lake ATV
Prairie Lake ATV Recovery
66 201110 Mn River USGS Sensor Recovery
MN River USGS Sensor Recovery
68 201107 Chamberlain
Chamberlain Pipe Inspection
69 201101 Little Pine Lake Pickup
Little Pine Lake PU Recovery
70 200912 Lake Lizze
Lake Lizze Ton PU Recovery
72 200805 Houseboat
Houseboat Recovery
74 200802 Rainy Lake F350
Rainy Lake F350 Recovery
76 200712 Rush Lake
Rush Lake PU Recovery
84 200407 Minnewaska Silt Removal
Minnewaska Silt Removal
86 200405 Fosston Methane Tank
Fosston Methane Tank Leak Check
88 200312 Cormorant Snowmobile And FishHouse
Cormorant Snowmobile And
Fish House Recovery
90 200311 Turtle Lake Semi
Turtle Lake Semi/Forklift Recovery
92 200303 Walker City Pier
Walker City Pier Removal
94 200201 Detroit Lakes Vehicle Salvage
Detroit Lakes Vehicle Salvage
96 200107 Devils Lake Pole Removal
Devils Lake Pole Removal