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September of 2010 divers Tom Erickson, Justin Erickson, Tyler Erickson, Ales Kubat, Chris Lee, Chris Restemayer, Doyle Leitheiser, Ryan Tangan, and Seal plus one non diver Judy Erickson ventured to the north shore of Lake Superior to dive the wrecks of the Nigara, Maderia, Hesper and the Ely. On Friday on the way up the North shore we stopped at Knife River to dive on the tug Nigara. We were unable to find the main section of the tug but found small sections of it. We spent the night in Two Harbors and the next morning we dove the shipwreck Maderia. That afternoon we docked at the Silver Bay Marina to have some lunch and then boated over to the wreck Hesper to make a dive. We than stopped for supper to eat some very good lemons. On Sunday divers made a dive on the Ely and for the second dive dived on the Two Harbors breakwater searching for fishing lures. The weather was great and the seas were calm during the weekend.



1 Pilot house on Maderia
Pilot house on Maderia.jpg
2 Getting set up on the Ely
Getting set up on the Ely.jpg
3 Divers entering water on Ely
Divers entering water on Ely.jpg
4 Preparing to decend on Ely
Preparing to decend on Ely.jpg
5 Looking inside to deck on the Ely
Looking inside to deck on the Ely.jpg
6 Seal decending Mast head on Ely
Seal decending Mast head on Ely.jpg