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The weather was great for the weekend of the Apostle Island trip in August of 2011. We had 17 people on the trip with 15 being divers. Divers on the trip were Tom Erickson, Justin Erickson, Tyler Erickson, Ryan Sandvig, Cody Sandvig, Pat Bettels, Ricky Rasumusson, Ryan Tangen, Tim Gordon, Matt Thompson, Sean Kresien, Chuck Blixt, Kevin Haroldson, Judy Haroldson and Seal.  Non Divers were Judy Erickson and Elaine Blixt.  Friday started out with us trying to find the 1932 Model Truck but was unable to find it.  Later we found out there was a yellow rope off shore to follow down to the truck so now we know for next time.  We then dove on the Finn McCool which is a barge that lies in shallow water just off the public access in Bayfield.  It is one of the most intact wrecks in the area.  The next morning the 4 boats headed out to dive the Sevona, a wreck that lies off Sand Island.  We found out that the GPS locations we got from the Wis. website were wrong and we spent about 3 hours trying to find the wreck.  The next morning we were able to get the correct GPS location for the Sevona so the next time we venture to Wis. we will be able to dive the wreck. Then off we went to snorkel the Sand caves on Sand Island.  This was a snorkel dive which was very enjoyable to go back in and see all the neat formations that were made by the waves eroding the rock.  We then loaded the boats at Little Sand landing and headed back to Bayfield and put in the boats and headed north to dive the Fedora, a 282 foot wooden ship that burned to the water line.  We then headed over to Madeline Island to tour the town and eat dinner.  Sunday we boated out to Long Island to dive the Lucerne.  It sank Nov. 17, 1886 with a loss of ten crew members.  Then it was time to load up and head back to Minnesota with everyone tried and having had a great time.



1 Lighthouse Long Island
Lighthouse Long Island
2 Three of the boats setting up to dive
Three of the boats setting up to dive
3 Ryan S Ricky Cody Pat
Ryan S Ricky Cody Pat
3a Matt
4 Ricky
Ryan Cody
Ryan Cody
6 Ryan T
Ryan T
7 Tyler
8 Lucerne cutlass
Lucerne cutlass