Compressor Sales, Service
and Accessories

Are you looking for a high pressure compressor for diving, fire departments, or paint ball? Whether you need a new, used or rebuilt compressor or any of the equipment and accessories that go with a compressor or cascade system Seal at Tri-State Diving can help you. Seal services the region with sales and service contracts for fire departments.
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Commercial & salvage diving

Tri-State Diving has been doing commercial and salvage diving in Minnesota and the Dakotas for over 35 year. We have worked in large in ground tanks, sewage lagoons, storm sewers, lakes, rivers and ponds. We are equipped to do most types of underwater projects. We do underwater torch cutting and we also have a hydraulic chain saw we use for cutting different types of material underwater. The crew has recovered everything from: vehicles, semi-tractor trailers, excavator, motor home, enclosed snowmobile trailers, ATV's, and snowmobiles that have fallen through the ice as well as boats in the summer. Our salvage recovery operations have taken us as far north as the Canadian border and we also have recovered vehicles that have fallen through the ice throughout the Dakotas. Tri-State Diivng holds a patent on a recovery machine for recovering vehicles that fall through the ice, called the SUVE (Submerged Underwater Vehicle Extractor) and we were featured on the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs show doing a vehicle recovery. We take pride in not doing further damage to the vehicles that we recover. For our commerccial diving operations we have worked for the MN highway Dept., Mn DNR, State of ND Water Commission, USGS, Counties and Townships, Electric power companies, construction companies, insurance companies and other commercial diving operators. Our rates are reasonable and we will give a quote upon request for any operation that you may have a need for our services. References upon request. To see more on Commercial Salvage and Recovery work click on this link. Commercial Diving.
To see photos of our work go to our Photo Gallery and click on Commercial Diving.