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Jan. 9, 2003

Edition 1-03

It is finally starting to feel like winter.  Because of the warm temps. the crew at Tri-State Diving has been busy recovering vehicles from the bottom of lakes.   We decided to hold off on the ice dive class until later because of the poor ice and my crew is burnt out with all the jobs we have had.    We have recovered a semi tractor trailer, snowmobile, fish house and four pickups since the middle of Dec.   Will get a date set for an ice dive class and will post that in the email newsletter as soon as it is set.  Still have two Bayley dry suits left at half price so if interested let me know.  We have 31 divers headed for Cozumel at the end of the month for a week of diving and to enjoy the warm weather of the Caribbean.
Following is an email I received from a diver after their family returned from Grand Cayman.  They finished their open water dives this last summer.

Hi, Gary,
Just a quick note to let you know of our diving at Grand Cayman last week.
It was great!!  Such a wow!  The fish, the corals, Stingray City, etc.  was
just amazing.  We did seven dives--five boat dives and two shore dives.  All
went well.  Brent and Adam went as deep as 100 feet.  I stayed with Alex at
50 feet and above.  The dive shop was good and we felt comfortable with what
we had learned.  The Caribbean does beat Minnesota for diving!  Happy
Holidays to all of you!
Laurel Nelson