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June 1, 2003

Edition 10

I am resending the last email newsletter as the attachments were so large that either a lot of you did not get them or you had trouble down loading them.
Our Super Spring Sale went well and we still have some Regulators, BCs, wet suits and other items left that are still priced to go.  Stop in anytime and benefit from our great bargains.  Terry Stromberg won the air fill card.  All clothing is marked down 10% through June 8th.  We have also put together a package price for a complete set of scuba gear.  Ask our staff to show you the package or you can go to and look under equipment icon.
The dive crew at Tri-State Diving has been busy doing under water jobs this last week.  Mike Granger and Seal spent Sunday the 25 on Long Lake by Park Rapids cutting six pine tree stumps and root systems on the lake.  On May 27, Jim Granger, Tracy Granger, and Seal cut pilings on Leech Lake at the city dock for the City of Walker.  Our hydraulic chain saw sure has had a workout lately. Attached are some pictures of the job at Walker showing Jim handling the poles while Seal is cutting them.
Lakes are warming up and we start doing checkout dives this weekend. Jake Jacobson has been diving in both lake Seven and Six and it looks like Six is going through a turnover so Seven has better vis. at this time. Jake said once below 30 feet in Six the vis. picked up.  Pickeral Lake is good right now with about 10+ vis. and 62 degrees surface temp. Let us know if you have been diving in the area and what the conditions are for the lakes you have been in.
The O2 provider class set for tonight has been changed to Thursday June 5th at the dive center.  This course is designed for learning the administration of Oxygen in dive related emergencies.  If interested in taking the course let us know.
The cookie jar is out for the season and we hope to sea you on the bottom.

Jim pushing Piling
Jim & Piling

Jim holding piling while Seal is cutting under water

Jim holding piling

Jim moving piling