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June 13, 2003

Edition 13

Just a reminder we have our first tailgate dive this Thursday evening and welcome you to come out and enjoy some diving and fellowship.
Saturday we will be leaving the dive center at about 10:00 to go down to Pelican Lake for the lake clean up dive.  Join us in helping to clean up our under water environment.
Attached are some pictures from last winters Cozumel trip taken by Kris Condon.  Kris stopped at the shop last Saturday and brought up the pictures he had taken with is Ikelite camera and housing.  Kris really had some good quality pictures this year.   The squid is on a night dive and the Turtle and Queen Angel fish were taken during the day.  If you have any pictures you have taken on any of your outings please send them and we will share them with others on our web site.
We have had three photos turned in for our 2003 photo contest so if you have any fresh water pictures you have taken in the last year bring them in and enter them in our photo contest.  We accept photos in three categories.  Point and shoot, TTL, and Digital.
Sea you on the bottom.