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Edition 14 June 26, 2003
The 19th of June we had 5 divers participate in our first tailgate dive which took place on Big Cormorant Lake. The evening was pleasant and those diving had a good dive.  Those diving were Pat Johnston, Jim Hammer, Ryan Sandvig, Greg Bach and Seal.  Also attending but not diving  were Lindy, Logan, and Brea Johnston, Tracy, Randi, and Whitney Granger and Kiera White.  Our next tailgate dive is Thursday July 3, 2003. Attached are some photos of the tailgate dive.
The Pelican Lake cleanup went well and there were a lot of nice door prizes and prizes given away for the trash that was found.  Attached are some pictures of the event.  Tri-State Diving would like to thank Crystal Pierz Marine for hosting this event.
Earl Paulson found a medallion while doing his check out dives 1 and 2 on Pickeral Lake and collected on an air fill card.
The big medallion has not been found as of yet.  We have run out of clues so we will host a find the medallion dive on July 12 where we will mark off the general square area within 200 feet diameter of the medallion and allow everyone to look.  If no one finds it we will place the names of all of the divers that register at the dive center that morning and dive that day and have a drawing and the winner will win the dive computer. We ask that you meet at the dive center by 9:30 AM as we will leave for the dive site at about 10:00 AM.
Following are all the clues in case you want to look for the medallion in the mean time.
1. Four Sisters
2. This Vikings first name will put you closer to one of the four sisters.
3. Ornithology
4. Phalacrocorax Carbo
5. It is soft and fluffy don't look there.   
6. Abbot and ______________ were a team, but don't look there.
7. Arrows have this and you may hunt this but you will not find a target
8. As a pilot would say if - if you can walk away from it be happy, but don't look here.
9. A little religion will keep you away
10. If you feel alone don't look here.
11. Sailing winds will take you away.
12. If you are on a European vacation don't look here
13. This is a SCUBA certifying agency that will get you closer.
14. Mooring stones are good anchorage to view the treasure.
15. Sign painting will get ones attention and he likes frogs
16. 1.06 miles from the north landing.
17. 5.33 cubits down.
18. Leave the Leif at 197 degrees.
19. Bearing from N access 272 degrees.
20. .15 miles from Leif Creek
21. Things look better standing on your head.
22. Atomic Number of 26.
Just a reminder for anyone that want to try the Ocean Reef Full Face mask will be able to try them this Sat. June 28, so let us know if you are interested.
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