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April 7, 2003

Edition 6

Tri-State Diving is starting our 15th season and what a change we have seen over the last 15 years.  We have grown from a small 5 CFM compressor with a 3 bottle rented cascade system to a 17 CFM compressor with an 8 bottle cascade system plus a 5 bottle Nitrox system.  Our
rental system has grown from 5 wet suits, 4 Regulators with consoles and 5 BCs to 32 suits, 15 top of the line Regulators with computers, and 17 BCs.  Our package rental prices are still some of the cheapest around.
An addition was added on in 1993 to house our hydro facility and allow us more retail area when the fill station was moved into the addition.  We are in the process of adding a 32 X 40 building to store the Deep Diver as well as all our salvage equipment giving us more room in the
main building to have scuba inventory.
Dive Travel has gone from 10 divers traveling to Isla Mejuries on one dive trip, to multiple dive trips a year with up to 40 divers in a group, to traveling all over the world to dive.
Our instruction has gone from just teaching basic scuba to teaching all levels through instructor and offering many types of specialties.  We have a higher industry average of divers taking Advanced Diver and above classes.  Since I started with MDEA it has spilt into two divisions.
The commercial division is located in Florida and the recreational division is now located in Tennessee.   We are able to offer both types of certification to take care of all your diving needs.   Our Search and Recovery training is under our commercial division so dive team
members receive a commercial certification.
Our web site on the internet allows us to better serve divers by allowing us to keep you informed by keeping activities posted more often.
Because this is our 15 season we will be offering all accessory items and scuba packages at a 15% discount during our Super Spring Sale on May 24th.
Truk/Yap trip dates and prices are set and we have had a lot of inquires for the trip all ready.  We leave on March 5 fly from Mpls to Houston to Honolulu  were we spend a night, giving us a chance to rest and get rid of the jet lag, we then fly on to Quam and to Truk were we spend 6
days with 5 days of diving and then fly onto Yap where we spend 6 days with 4 days of diving.  We then leave and head home arriving on the 19th of March.   This is a longer trip than we normally take but everyone that has traveled to Truk with me in the past have said as long as we
are going that far make it worth while and do two distinctions so we have added Yap.  Price of the trip is $3,802.00 per diver which doesn't work out much different per day than other distinctions and you are getting some of the best shipwreck diving in the world plus in Yap
seeing some of the best marine life in the world.
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