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April 10 2003

Edition 7

We have worked very hard getting our web site up to date and improved. Then this last weekend we had our server go down for the whole weekend and then when they came back on line all accounts were missed up and we had to reload so some servers are showing the site and others will not be showing for up to a month.  If you can not get on our site by you can put this in and get to the site   Sorry for the inconvenience but we will keep trying on our end.  Look at our calendar and see the listing of classes coming to your area plus the classes we offer here at the dive center.
The ice on the lake behind the dive center went out today and the big lakes should soon follow so lets think diving.
We have had a lot of regulators, BCs and tanks coming in for annuals so they are ready the first time the diver wants to get into the water this spring.  Don't wait until the last minute to service your gear.
Our summer hours 9 AM to 5 PM 7 days a week will start Memorial Day through Labor Day until then if you want to stop by I recommend you call first to make sure someone is here to help you.
Still have a couple of used tanks left to sell so let us know if you are interested in Al 80 CF or 72 steels.
Hope to see you at our Super Spring Sale in May and don't forget that the medallion is still out there for someone to claim a dive computer.
Sea you on the Bottom