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May 22, 2003

Edition 9

Our Super Spring Sale is this Saturday the 24th of May with all new items 15% off as well as many other items will be 15% or greater off. Come in and sign up for a door prize and have some refreshments.
Jake Jacobson dove in Big Cormorant this last week and and the surface temp. was 55 degrees and at depth it was 53 degrees.  Vis. was at least 15 feet.   Water will hopefully be warming up some within the next few days so we can start doing open water dives.
Chris Lee and Seal did a salvage job on the 12 of May.  Sherbrooke Asphalt lost their clam bucket off their barge in 35+ feet of water in one of their gravel pits.  This is an awesome machine and it was a unique experience to be able to do the job. The bucket weighed about 3,500 pounds and we were told it held about 3 1/2 yards of material. The dive lasted about 35 minutes and all went well.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Super Spring Sale.
Sea you on the Bottom