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Edition 4-03

Just finished doing our last sport show and enjoyed visiting with everyone that were divers and those interested in joining the rest of us who enjoy the underwater world.  This last weekend we were at the Fargo Dome and we had a pool set up the people to try scuba.  There were over 100 that tried it on Sat. with many trying it the other 3 days of the show.  Thank you to Ryan Sandvig, Gary, Sandy, Kyle, David Geske, Justin Hayle, Matt Thompson, Tracy Granger, and Chris Lee for all the help in making people comfortable trying scuba and answering all their questions.  It not have been possible without their help.   Also a thank you to Tubs of Fun for supplying the pool.
On Sat. June 21 Tri-State Diving has been asked by Crystal-Pierz Marine to participate in a lake cleanup on Pelican Lake.  They will furnish boats and will be putting on a feed afterwards for those that are helping.  They want us to help with the lake bottom where it is too deep for people to wade in and collect items.  We are looking for anyone who dives and would like to see our lake bottom clearer to dive.  There will be more details as we get closer to the date.  If you are interested drop us an email or call so we can get you on the list.
Classes will be starting soon so if you are or if you  know of anyone interested let us know as the classes are filling fast.  We are looking for help to locate a pool to use in the Fargo Moorhead area where we can handle 10 students.   If you have any suggestions please let me know as we have a large number of people interested in taking scuba there.
Our number of clearance items are becoming less and so we encourage you to stop in and look as the items are priced to sell.
Sea you on the Bottom