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May 15, 04

Edition 5                   

Our Super Spring Scuba Sale went well and Matt Enderle won the drawing for a door prize.  We still have a couple of rental regulators left to sell and we are selling a few of our rental Sherwood Magnum BCs in most of the sizes.  The are priced to go so stop in and take a look at them.  Most have only one season on them.
Tri-State Diving's team has been diving in Fosston Mn. for 4 days trying to locate a leak in a large waste treatment plant.  Attached are some pictures of the site.  Two days were spent using dyes to locate the leak and the other two days we worked with a company out of Texas using a leak test indicator to try and locate the leak.  The first picture is looking at the Northeast corner of the tank showing the tent that was placed over the hole on top of the tank to help keep the surface crew warm.  Picture two shows the top of the tank with hatch cover and the ladder where the divers entered the water. This picture is shot on top of the tank from the Northwest corner showing an easterly view.  There is water being pumped off the top of the tank as we had received over three inches of rain.  The third picture is shot from the west side facing east showing the top of the tank.  Picture four shows easterly few from southwest corner of tank.  Five is from southwest corner top of the tank looking toward the pump house.  After four days of diving the tank three times we were unable to find any leaks so they are having to look at other options on why the water level keeps dropping.
The second clue for the medallion hunt was posted yesterday and no one has brought the medallion in yet.  Water temps are still in the fifties yet and we are hoping the water will warm up here before long.
We have a good supply of fill cards which saves you 5.00 dollars on ten fills.

The cookie jar is out so stop in and have a cookie

See you on the bottom.