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Edition 2                             Feb. 25, 04
With the weather we are having it looks like Spring might just be around the corner.  The winter trips have been going well and we just have one to go and that is the Truk/Yap trip in March.   Hopefully, soon, we will have pictures posted on the web site of the two Cozumel trips that were in Jan.. There were some real good pictures taken and if you have any good underwater pictures send them and we will post them on the site.
Classes will be starting in April so look at the site and see where there will be a class in your area so you can get a friend signed up for scuba.  Remember for anyone that you get signed up for class you get a you receive a Tri-State Diving T-Shirt.
We will be at the Fargo Dome March 5,6,& 7 and looking for anyone that wants to help in the pool with people interested in trying scuba.  If you want to help drop me an email or give me a call so we can work out a time that will work for you.  If you also get a free pass to get into the dome to see the show.  If you are at the Red River Valley Sportsman Boat and Camper Shop stop by the booth and say hi.
Sea you on the Bottom