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July 22, 2005

Edition 8

What a great summer we have been having.  Water temps. are warm and there have been a lot of divers out there enjoying the underwater world.

We are still holding some spots for the Cozumel and Dominica trips and we would like to have you along.  I know it is tough to thing about traveling out of the country when the temps. are in the nineties here but think 30 below zero and 3 foot of snow on the ground just long enough to sign up for one of the dive trips.

Saturday Aug. 13 we will be going up to the mine pits to do some diving so if you are interested let me know so we can put you on the list.  We will leave early in the morning and come back the same day.  

I would like to go to the North Shore of Lake Superior in Sept. and if you are interested in going let me know.  Dates will probably be the 9 th 10 th and 11 th .  We will dive at least three wrecks.

We had 140 kids try scuba the last couple of days and that kept the crew here at the dive center busy.

There are still some Low Pressure and High Pressure tanks on hand at a good price.  Also we are selling a limited number of our rental regulator/computer set ups.  They are about a year old.

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