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Feb. 23, 2006

Edition 2

We finally get winter in February.  I guess we cannot complain as it is not far till spring.   Tri-State Diving's crew salvaged a Ford PU from the depths of Ottertail Lake.  That is the second one taken out of this lake this season. 

We will be at the Fargo Dome show the weekend of March 2, 3, 4, & 5.   If you would like to come down and help letting people try scuba we could sure use the help.  We average about 100 or more trying it each day.  Call or email and let me know when you can help and I will let you know how you can get into the dome free.

We still have a number of our rental wetsuits we have to sell out as we have switched companies and adding all new suits to our rental line.

We have classes running now and most of the classes start in April and May so keep it in mind if you want to get certified or have a friend who wants to get certified.

Sea you on the Bottom