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March 30, 2006

Edition 3

Today is the first day of spring and it is suppose to get to 33 degrees today.  We had an excellent dome show this year with a record number of people trying scuba.  Thanks to the staff for helping.  Classes are filling fast so if you tried scuba and are interested in taking scuba let us know so we can get you in a class.  It was nice visiting with all of you that stopped by the booth.   This weekend we will be at the Shooting Star Casino at their sport show.  As we did last year if you know of someone who would like to try scuba bring a suit and we will let them try it in their pool during the show. We are also looking for any divers that would like to help in the pool so let me know if and when you could come up.  Also if you are interested in trying an Ocean Reef Full Face mask we will have some there at the show to try out. The show runs the 25 and 26 of March.  Stop by the booth and visit with us if you are at the sports show.


This is a short email that I got recently from a diver that took scuba last summer. They went to Australia over the holidays  

The Pierce family trip to Australia was wonderful.  The Diving at Rottness Island was okay, the current was pretty strong the time that we went. We were able to swim through some kelp and small coral caves. The amount of fish that we saw wasn't very impressing, but it was a blast.  The diving that we did at the Exmouth Navy Pire was awesome! I have not ever seen so many fish in my life.  The number of different fish was amazing.  Also the fact that we were about 5 feet from 2 white tip sharks (about 6 feet long) was really fun to see. And for the weather while we were there it ranged from 70's to 110 degrees F, and sunshine every day!  The Indian ocean was cold feeling; I don't remember the temp though.  Well I will talk to you later.

Alex Thysell


Greg Ose and Mike LeMoine were diving in Cozumel and here is the email he sent.

Ha Gary!!!

How is it going? Mike and I just got back from Cozumel, had a good time but the island was in pretty bad shape yet.
The reef took a real beating a lot of it is covered in sand, looks like it is covered with a blanket of snow. The picture I sent you shows some of it, there were plenty of eagle rays and turtles to keep everyone happy, but the coral doesn't look to good.


It is nice to receive emails about your diving ventures.  Send them so we can share them with other divers that get the Tri-State Diving email newsletter.  We still have a number of wetsuits that have to go and our rental regulators and BCs are also going this year.

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