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Aug. 7, 2006

Edition 9

The lakes are warm this summer with all the hot weather we have had.  Visibility is still good in most of the area lakes. 

We have 13 clues out for the Big Medallion Hunt and we are getting narrowed down to the spot so let's get out and dive for it.

Our last scuba class for the summer starts Aug. 14 and this is a good time of the year to get signed up for a class as we can do the checkout dives right afterwards.

We have a trip planned to Scuba Club in Cozumel planned for the end of Jan. so drop us note of you need more information on the trip.  Everyone who been on this trip say it is one of the best dive vacations for the money.

We will be running a rescue diver course on Thursday Aug. 24 here at the dive center.  This is basically a self rescue diver course and makes you more aware of handling emergencies and assisting another diver in trouble.

Sea you on the bottom