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June 26, 2007

Edition 11

We have really had some nice weather here the last couple of weeks and the lakes are warm and the visibility has been excellent in Pickerel and Lake Seven.  We would like to get reports on diving in other lakes in the area. A student found a medallion in Pickerel Lake while doing his checkout dives today.  There are still a lot of them out there so when you are diving in our area lakes keep an eye out for them.  Stop in and get the clues for the Big Medallion Hunt. 

Our next Scuba class will be the first part of July and we still have some openings.

This Sat. night will be our first tailgate dive so if you have some time, join us for an evening of diving and socializing.  Please call if you are interested.

Ask us about trying a full face mask and we will let divers try them the night of the tailgate dive. 

We have a 10% discount on all clothing through the 7 th of July. 

Checkout dives are going well and if you have not set yours up yet give us a call.

Sea you on the bottom