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July 20, 2007

Edition 13

We are about half way through summer and the weather for diving this summer has been the best in years.   Pickerel Lake has dropped some in visibility but still better than most years.  Other lakes in the area are still running good.

We have quite a few clues out for the big Medallion Hunt and no one has found it yet.  Come in and get the clues and go out and find it and win a dive computer.

Our next Advanced Diver class will be Aug. 10 th and we are planning a dive trip to the mine pits on the 11 th of Aug. which will work well for those that want to get their deep dive in.  

Next Friday July 27 th we will have another Tailgate Dive.  We will meet and eat and then make a night dive.  Those in the advanced class can come early and do their low visibility dive, eat and then make the night dive.   Let me know if you can make the event so we know how to plan.

We are planning on running another open water scuba class yet this summer so if you are interested or know of someone who like to take scuba contact the shop and we will put you on the list.  We get a number of people that wait until fall and then ask about getting certified as they are planning on taking a warm water trip.  The problem is that it is hard to do the lake dives, when the lakes are frozen over so now is the time to take the class if you are planning on taking a trip.

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