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July 25, 2007

Edition 14

This Friday night will be the tailgate dive.  For those that want to do the low visibility dive meet at the dive center at 6PM.  The rest can show up at about 7:30PM for the eats and we will leave at about 9PM to make a night dive. We will have a grill set up so bring along anything you want to put on it plus anything else you would like to eat and enjoy the company of other divers.

The big medallion has yet to be found so let's get the clues and get out there and look.

We are enjoying some nice weather and it looks to stay that way for a while and most of the lakes still have good visibility.

We have now taken on a new line of dry snorkel and it has some great features so when you are in the shop ask the staff to show it to you.

Sea you on the Bottom