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Aug. 21, 2007

Edition 16

This Sunday is our annual Crayfish Feed.  We will leave to do a couple of dives at 9AM and return sometime around 3:30 to enjoy potluck and the crayfish.  If you are planning on coming and have a boat let me know so we know how to plan for those that need a ride.   This also gives us a number of how many will be diving.

I still have a couple of openings for the Lake Superior trip the 7, 8, and 9 th of September.  Cost for the trip will include transportation, lodging, and diving on the wrecks.  We will do two wrecks on Saturday, one wreck and a breakwater dive on Sunday and possible a wreck on Friday depending on what time we can get out of here.  The cost for the weekend will be $145.00 per diver based on 6 going.

Some of you need to contact the dive center in regards to doing your checkout dives and there are a number of you that have yet to pick up your dive cards.

The big medallion has yet to be found.  Larry Olson found a medallion in Pickerel Lake last week and there are still a lot of them in the area lakes to find.   The one Larry found has been in the lake since 2002.  

We have Tank Totes retail for $10.95 on sale at $5.95 while they last.

Our new dry snorkels are selling well and those that are buying them really like how they work.

Sea you on the Bottom