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Oct. 23, 2007

Edition 19

We have eight divers signed up so far for the Cozumel trip and still have room for a few more.  The dates again are the 12 th to the 19 th of January.  (Think 30 below zero.)  If you have any interest at all let me know and I will get you more information.  This is the lowest priced trip to Cozumel we have had in about 4 years if the price of the airline tickets stay the same.  

Tanks, tanks, tanks, we still have a number of new steel tanks that we would like to close out on this fall and have them priced to sell.   With the price of steel going up and up I am sure the next batch of tanks coming in will be much higher in price.  The weather has still been nice for diving and the visibility is great in most of the lakes.   Water is in the mid 50 degree range yet so you can still dive in wetsuits.  

Sea you on  the bottom