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April 10, 2007

Edition 6

By looking out side I guess spring has not sprung.  We are back in the deep freeze so I think it will be awhile before ice leaves the lakes.  Oh well we will have to put up with Mother Nature for awhile.

May 5 will be our annual Super Spring Scuba Sale.  We will put out more information as we get closer.

The summer classes will start out with our new fees.  We have had to go up in price as the cost of materials are costing us about twice as much.  We are going from $300.00 to $330.00 for our open water classes.  The student is getting more material with the new program along with the student manual you will be getting a workbook, water proof dive tables and a more complete dive log book.  We are honoring all gift certificates at the old price and if you want to save $30.00 get in on our spring class.  Something new we are going to offer this year is if you get 5 friends to sign up and pay for an open water scuba class at the same time we will give you your open water class free.  As I stated in the last Bottom Time we are very excited about teaching this new program and finding out that the students are enjoying it also.

Sea you on the bottom