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April 30, 2007

Edition 7

With this nice warm weather the lakes are warming up fast so we should be able to enjoy some early diving this year unless we get a cold spell in May.  Hopefully we can get out soon to let you know how the visibility is in our more popular lakes and if any of you are out there diving let us know what the temps. and visibility is like in the lakes you are diving.  

Spring classes are almost complete and summer classes will be starting in June.  

This Saturday is our annual Super Spring Scuba Sale with all new merchandise marked down 20% for the one day only. Tri-State Diving is starting our 20 th year of service to divers in the area and we are proud of our dedication to making your diving experience safe and adventurous.   There will be refreshments and door prizes.  Sale will go from 9AM to 4PM.  

Sea you on the bottom.