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May 21, 2007

Edition 8

With this being Memorial weekend coming up, it proves to be one of the best we have had for diving in a number of years with good visibility and respectable water temperatures in our area lakes.   Lake Seven has about 20 foot vis. and water temp. is close to 60 degrees with a thermocline at about 20 feet.  Big Cormorant has also had some excellent visibility.  If you have been out let us know where you have been and what the conditions are like so we can pass it along.

A diver found a mask in Lake Seven and it looks like it was lost this year.  If you know of someone that lost a diving mask let me know so we can make arrangements to get it back to them.

Our summer classes will be starting in June so stop in and see about signing up for a class.  The staff is very pleased with our new training program and all the students taking the course like the added safety it brings to their diving experience.   We will start doing checkout dives next week so if you want to get sometime in the water it would be a good time to get refreshed up on your skills.

We still have some rental gear that we need to get moved and have some excellent prices on BC's and Regulator combos. 

We are looking at doing our tailgate dives on either Friday or Saturday evenings as it is to hard for divers living in the FM area to get down here after work and getting home so late and having to work in the morning.  We would like to know if Friday or Saturday evenings work out best for you so we know how we can serve you.  Drop me an email so we can start setting up the dives.

We are looking for someone to work in the shop this summer and would prefer someone that is a scuba diver but will look at someone who is out going and willing to learn.  If you know of someone wanting a job let me know and we can set up an interview.

Sea you on the bottom.