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May 30, 2007

Edition 9

Of the response we got back on the tailgate dives were divided between Friday and Saturday evenings so we will alternate between the two so we can allow everyone to be involved. 

The lakes are warm enough to do checkouts so if you have not signed up yet to do yours please call so we can get a time set up for you.  Remember you need to do two shore dives one day and two boat dives on another day.   This is also a good time to get out and make a dive if you have not been in the water for awhile. Our June class still has room for a couple of more students which starts on the 11 th of June in DL.   If you want to get some pool time let me know as we can always use help with the students in the pool and it is a good time to refresh your skills.  Let me know if you are interested in helping.

Our first Advanced Diver classroom is June 8 th here at the dive center at 6:30PM.  Please call if you are interested in taking the class, you can also check our website under training for a listing of all classes that are going on this summer.  If you can not work into one of our class schedules give us a call and we can probably work around your schedule.  

We have had interest in doing Scuba Club in Cozumel in January so if you want some information or have an interest in going on the trip please give us a call or drop us an email.

Summers here in Minnesota are short so it makes it hard to get time to do some diving.   Now is a good time to set some time aside to enjoy our underwater world.  You are always welcome to stop out the dive center to see what is going on in the diving world.

Susan Scheff is our new staff member for the summer.  Susan became a certified diver in the summer of 2005 and we are glad to have her onboard.   Stop in and say hi to all our staff.

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