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July 7, 2008

Edition 13

Here we are in July and the water temperatures are about 10 degrees cooler than normal but that has helped to keep the visibility in our area lakes good.  Lake Six has been the best with it topping out at about 35 feet about a week ago.  We are interested in any reports of how you are finding the lakes you are diving in.  We have had a few divers stop in and get the clues for the medallion but it still has not been found.  We had a diver bring in a medallion that came out of Pickerel Lake and received a 10 fill air card.  This has been a busy week over the fourth of July with a lot of new faces coming into the dive center.

We have an Advanced Open Water classroom coming up this Friday the 11 th of July here at the dive center.  If you want to have more freedom to dive when traveling on vacation it will make it a lot easier if you have an advanced certification.  Let us know if you are interested.

Three divers completed their Nitrox certification in June, Karl Biederman, Larry Olson, and Ryan Tangen did the classroom and are making two dives on Nitrox.

We did an advanced deep dive for the last advanced class on Little MacDonald in June and we had about 15 foot visibility at 80 feet.  It was a great dive except it was a little cold down there.

Ryan Tangen, and Rick Schmidt assisted me in looking for a watch on Buffalo Lake last Wednesday.  It took about an hour to find it.  We then spent some time checking out the lake and found a pontoon lift on the bottom. So it turned out to be a successful day.

There are still a number of you that need to pick up your certification cards from last year. 

Lets all make it a goal to get out and make at least one fun dive this summer.  It is still one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a half day of fun in our area. 

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