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July 17, 2008

Edition 14

It is the middle of July and the lakes on the most part have had good visibility in our area. With the economy on the slow side there seems to be more people out diving as we seem to be doing things closer to home. It is always good to see divers that have not been diving for sometime getting back into the water and enjoy the sport.

We are always looking for ways to better serve divers in our area so we encourage you to to give us input. I feel the success of any business depends on how well a business and costumer relationship is.

In March Tri-State Diving was honored to host Mike Rowe and the crew from the Dirty Jobs show which aires on the Discovery Channel. Mike helped the crew of Tri-State Diving recover a vehicle from an area lake that went through the ice. The Dirty Job's crew was great to work with and I think they got an appreciation of what it takes to recover a vehicle that goes through the ice. They spent two days here with the first day at the dive center learning the techniques of ice diving and the equipment needed for going under the ice. Mike and his camera crew are certified divers and have dived on a number of episodes but they have never been in an enclosed environment. The second day was spent on the ice recovering the vehicle. Other than the fact they thought it was cold here they performed well. Our average recovery time is about 4 to 5 hours and we spent about 9 hours on the ice that day. Mike got to participate in all aspects of the operation and by the end of the day he was pretty tired. They were impressed with how our recovery machine, (SUVE Submerged Underwater Vehicle Extractor), works. The show first aired in the middle of May, then June and now it will be on the Discovery channel in August. For times in your area go to the Discovery and look under Dirty Jobs. They say it will be running for the next four years. If you have not seen the show stop in at the dive center and the staff will be happy to show you the episode.

Summer classes have been good this summer and our upper level classes have had good attendance.

We are looking for different lakes to dive, so if you have a favorite lake in the area tell us why it makes it your favorite dive site and if you have more than one tells us about those also.

This year has been a busy year for the commercial crew of Tri-State Diving with recovering vehicles, jewelry, and a house boat. It is a joy to have such a great crew to work with.

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