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July 24, 2008

Edition 15

There have been a few divers out looking for the big medallion but to date no one has found it.  I think this has been the longest it has taken anyone to find it.  We will start having to add some more clues.  It has been put in one of the easiest places I think we have ever put one at.  To help everyone to narrow it down it is within 15 minutes south of the public access. 

The 2 nd of August we will be doing a deep dive for the Advanced class so if you are interested let me know so we know how to plan for the dive.  We will start doing the night dives next month also as it is getting dark earlier and that way we are not out so late in the evening. 

We have had quite a few say that they would like to do more diving so give us a call and join us as we are diving most every day.  If you would like to experience the Ocean Reef full face mask ask and we let you try it on one of our dive outings.

When at the dive center try one of Tracy's famous cookies (just ask Mike Rowe) as the cookie jar is full most of the time.

We will be running another class in August and still have a couple of openings and if you are planning a winter vacation and want to dive do not wait until Oct. to call as it is hard to do the open water section of the class when there is ice forming on the lakes.  If you are certified to dive in fresh water it becomes much easier to dive in salt water.

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