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Aug. 16, 2008

Edition 16

Here we are half way through August and the lakes are still about 10 degrees below what they are normally this time of the year.  Thermocline in most of the area lakes is still around 20 feet.  

The advanced diver students need to get in touch with us to finish up their dives.  With darkness coming earlier now is a good time to get you low visibility and night dives done.  Give us a call to get them set up.

We will be having an open water class starting next Friday the 22 and will run through the weekend so let me know if you know of anyone that would be interested.

Mike Kramer speared a carp that weighed over 20# and was speared in Big Cormorant while free diving. 

Please send us your pictures and dive experiences and we will share them on our email newsletter.

I have completed my Instructor trainer training with ANDI and we will now be doing our entire recreational instructor training under the ANDI program as well as all our other recreational training. 

We have a few consignment items left and rental items that we would like to clear out before the end of August.

Two of our staff just finished up with Ocean Reef Full Face Mask training with the Ottertail County dive team.  Over two outings we trained 13 of their crew.  We enjoyed the training and how well they took to the system.  They have a very dedicated team.  Thanks to Ryan Tangen for his help with the training.

This is the second week of our open water class in DL and it is the biggest class we have had and thanks to the crew that have been helping with the class.

Lets get out and dive before the water starts turning cold.

Sea You on the Bottom