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Aug. 23, 2008

Edition 17

Lake Six still seems to be the lake with the best visibility in our area.  Little Mac has also been good by the reports coming in.  I have been told there is a new access on the lake and wondering if anyone knows where that would be.  The old access in on the south side of the lake and someone said they thought the new one was someplace on the north side.

We still need to get the advanced dives done so please call and let's get them set up before it its cold.  Also there are some that still need to finish up their Openwater dives.

The crew has been busy with salvage and commercial dives.  On the 21 st of Aug three of us went up to Twin Valley MN to work on a retention dam.  There was very little water coming out of the draw down pipe and they felt it had to be plugged with something.  We spent three hours cleaning the mess were the beavers had plugged the pipe.   The whole end of the 15 inch pipe was filled and most of the holes around the pipe were also plugged.On an earlier trip the Soil and Water District which had built the impoundment had tried to clean the pipe with a length or re-bar and ended up sticking it through one of the holes in the top part of the pipe and going at an angle down through a hole on the bottom side of the pipe and going about 3 feet into the bottom of the pond.  We were unable to pull it out. In this picture Karl is bringing a hacksaw down to me so we can cut off the rod on the bottom end of the pipe so we could pull it out.  Once we were able to remove the rod the plug that it was holding washed through the pipe and we had good flow.

On the 22 two of us went down to Sybil Lake by Vergas to look for a ring.  We found out after we got there that there had been a blacksmith shop on the site and guess were all the old metal got deposited, right in the lake where the ring was lost.  I think this ended up being the dump for the farm. The metal detector could not be moved at all without something setting it off.   That made the chances of finding it next to null.  We did

This week the crew has to locate a mast and sail that was lost in one of our area lakes.

Hopefully we will see some of you on Labor Day weekend.

Sea You on the Bottom