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Dec. 14, 2008

Edition 24

It looks like winter is upon us here in northern Minnesota as there is a storm brewing outside as I write this newsletter.  The lakes have from 4 to 10 inches of ice.  We had our first recovery yesterday recovering a fish house that dropped into Ottertail Lake. A crew of three traveled to Ottertail Lake and we had it out in three hours and arrived back at the dive center before the storm set in. 

As I look back on this last year we have had a lot of great things that happen here at the dive center.  We had a group of eleven divers travel to Cozumel in Jan. and we had a great week of diving on Cozumel's reefs and enjoying some great weather.  Our salvage crew kept busy with 4 vehicle recoveries, looking for lost jewelry, and recovering a boat that sunk in a marina.  Probably to highlight of our commercial crew was working with Mike Rowe and his crew from Dirty Jobs and also ending up with another recovery on You Tube.

Classes went well and we certified almost a record number of students.  I think that people are looking for an outlet with the way the economy has been going and diving is a great way to do something that is new and exciting that is not that expensive.  We had a lot of upper level classes and our dive crew advanced their skills to make our jobs go safer and smoother.

We still have most items on sale and remember that scuba diver or snorkeler when you are looking for gift or a stocking stuffer.  Remember to call before coming out to make sure we are around.

If anyone is interested in making an ice dive or getting your ice dive certification please let us know as we might make an ice dive in the next couple of weeks.

Tri-State Diving can book your winter dive vacation so if you are traveling to some warm place this winter give us a call for some great vacation diving packages.

We thank all of for making Tri-State Diving your choice for all your diving needs and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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