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May 6, 2008

Edition 8

May 25 th is the day set for our annual Super Spring Scuba Sale here at the Tri-State Diving.  We will be starting our summer hours that day so the sale will run from 9AM to 4PM. We are starting our 21 st season serving the lakes area and to celebrate our all new merchandize will be marked down 21% for that one day only.  We will also have some door prizes and refreshments.  We have some consignment items we need to clear out and they will be marked to sell during the sale.  We still have a few rental wet suits, regulators, and BCs to sell at some fantastic prices.

The ice has gone off most of the area lakes but as of this last weekend Pickeral, Lake Seven, and Lake Six still had ice on them.  This is one of the latest ice outs that I can remember.  The water on most lakes looks very clear so hopefully we will have some good early diving.   

We still have room on our winter trip in Jan. so if interested let us know so we can give you more details.

The dates for the Discovery channel Dirty Jobs is set for May 19 th at 8PM and we are excited to see how the show turned out.  Mike and his crew were great to work with and it will be great for everyone to see how vehicles are recovered after they go through the ice.

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