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Feb. 9, 2009

Edition 1

Here it is the 9 th of February and it has been raining off and on all day.  It would be nice to have an early spring.   We are looking forward to another great season.  We have all ready had people signing up for classes in Fergus Falls and Detroit Lakes.  We have the dates of the classes on our website if you or you know of someone interested in taking a class.  This spring we will be running a Rescue Diver class.  It is mostly designed for self rescue and how to keep out of trouble.  Other skills are learning how to get a distressed diver out of trouble.

March 5 th through the 8 th is the Red River Valley Sportsman's Boat, Camping, and Vacation show at the Fargo Dome.  We will again have a pool there so people can try scuba.  We will be in the pool Friday Saturday and Sunday.  If you would like to help in the pool let me know as we can always use the help and those trying scuba really enjoy the experience. 

If you are looking at buying any scuba equipment now is the time to put it on lay a way so you have it to use when the lakes warm up.

We still have openings left for the St. Croix trip in March. 

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