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June 18, 2009

Edition 10

The lakes are finally warming up. Two of the staff dove in Pickerel Lake today and they did not wear their hoods.  Water temperature at depth was 63 degrees and the visibility was still about 15 feet.  The thermocline was at about 19 feet.  We have not heard any reports on how any lakes in area are.

Here is some interesting reading on how you can do most things right and still have problems on a dive.   The diver is diving on a closed circuit scuba system.

We still need a couple of more students for next week's scuba class or we will not be able run the class so if you know of anyone interested let me know.

We do not have enough for the advanced classroom for tomorrow night so we will try again in July.

Call and set up to go diving with us.

We have up a digital picture frame to show diving pictures so when you are in the shop view the pictures

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