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June 21, 2009

Edition 11

We have placed a new clue for the medallion hunt and have a couple of more we will put up so stop in and get the clue.  Good luck Larry now that we will have more in on the hunt.

Here is a report on Lake Six diving by Jim Grier: Hi Gary,

I got back from FL and crewing on the dive boat. It was a lot of work but I don't mind work, had a fantastic time, and got in a lot of diving (Dry Tortugas plus some wrecks ... they sank the Vandenberg while I was there, but I haven't gotten out on it yet). Hope to do more crewing this fall. (I didn't take on any summer gigs since I want to be home in MN during the summer.)

I got out diving at Lake 6 yesterday. Temps 64 deg at surf, 61 at 17 ft (where I spent most of the dive) and obviously colder below thermocline (I went to a max of 36 ft). Not sure of where the thermocline was, est. at about 22-24 ft; it wasn't real distinct. Visibility was variable, some est. at 20-30 ft and much of it only around 15-20 ft. When I first got to the sunken pontoon boat, I could easily see all the way to the other end from either end, including from the points of the pontoons at the bow. From 20 ft or more depth in some places I could easily see to the surface and my flag above, but at other places could barely see the surface from 15 ft and horizontal vis. was only about 15 ft in many places.

I didn't dive at Lake 7 but walked over and looked at it. From above, its vis. looked pretty good too.

Lets get out and dive.

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