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July 2, 2009

Edition 13

The medallion was finally found on June 30 th after over two years of divers looking for it.  I know for a fact that divers had touched it.  It was found by Pat Johnston, from Detroit Lakes, and he spent quite a few dives looking for it.

We still have a lot of rental gear for the 4 th of July weekend and it looks like the weather will be nice so let's get wet.  We still have over 30 medallions out in area lakes so find one or two or more and get some nice prizes.

We are getting closer to our next open water class starting July 14 th in Detroit Lakes.

Jim Grier has been diving in the area quite bit and here is an email he sent the other day.

I've been doing a number of dives lately in different lakes. The water temps overall have gone up and are now mostly in the lower 70s above the thermocline. See my comments below about a recent seiche (internal, underwater, slow wave) in Lake 6!

Lake 6 has continued to have better vis than Lake 7, as is often the case, but I also tend to see a lot more fish of a wider variety in Lake

7 (as also is usually the case). On one of my recent dives in Lake 7, I went out to the underwater island a ways south of the public access. At the sunken boat on the north side of the island, there were a lot of rock bass in and around the boat and ONE large and VERY friendly crappie. The crappie acted like it was missing its fellow crappies (they usually occur in schools) and seemed to want to use me as its surrogate buddy! It came right up to me, was close around my head, and wanted to stay with me. I was afraid it would follow me when I left the boat, but it stayed back at the boat. I hope no fisherman comes along and catches it, as it was and might continue to be a fun experience for diving.

A friend had told me about good vis at Devils Lake, ND, which happens occasionally but not very often, a couple weeks ago. So I went there last week to check it out. Unfortunately, the vis had already gone back to the more normal situation of not being good. But I went ahead and did one dive anyway. There were LOTS of amphipods in the water, a major fish food item and one of the reasons the fish population and production is so good at Devils Lake.

This past Saturday afternoon at Lake 6 I encountered an interesting phenomenon that we usually don't notice or pay any attention to in lakes: seiches, or slow long-wavelength waves which can include (or mostly be) an underwater component in which the thermocline has a moving, slow wave underwater. A few days earlier when I was at L 6, the thermocline was steady in the range of about 22-23 ft. This past Saturday while I was diving over a two hour period (in the round south bay at the public access), however, the thermocline was at 16 ft when I started, came up to 14 ft mid-way through my diving, and was at 13 ft when I finished! The water was 72 deg right above the thermocline and much colder than that right below it, with a very narrow transition and "wavy" appearance at the transition from the difference in densities. I was working (doing some gear testing) at a standard depth of 15 ft. I was, thus, working at a comfortable temperature at the start and then in very cold water and got very cold at the end, since I needed to do my tests at a constant 15 ft depth. It was weird! I haven't experienced a seiche of that magnitude before. It must have been caused by the (also weird) weather and wind that day. Dive Safely and Often and enjoy our local lakes, Jim

Lake temperatures are great and we have seen more divers getting out and enjoying our area lakes. Lake Six seems to have the best visibility in the area.

Sherwood has extended their drawing. So if you are thinking about upgrading or    in the market for a new BC now is the time to buy one and have a chance on       winning an AL cylinder.

When customers buy a BCD they will be entered into a drawing with a chance to win a new tank. This promotion has been extended through August due to a special nationwide promotion.

This week for the big weekend we will sell the Kapitol Reef snorkel at 10% off.  It is the best dry snorkel on the market and everyone who has purchased one really likes how it works.

The new Sherwood Oracle mask has also been a big hit with its low profile and great view.

It comes in a variety of colors.

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