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July 31, 2009

Edition 16

We still have openings for the Spear Fishing class on August 7.  If you have any questions about the class give us a call. 

Sherwood has a new mask out called the ROMA and it just received testers choice out of 18 new masks reviewed.  It is a frameless mask with low profile attributed to a combination of a close to the lens fit and a wide viewing port. It offers the widest horizontal view for a single window mask in the review as well as on of the best downward reviews.  It has a horizontal view of 85 degrees, upward view of 25 degrees, and a downward review of 50 degrees.  It comes in black or clear silicone with 6 trim colors.  The mask comes in at only $70.00 which is on the low end for frameless masks.  The students that have been using them in class are impressed with the ROMA.  We have them in our rental program so stop in and give one a try.

We now have the manuals in for the Rescue Diver class and will run it sometime during the middle of August.  Must have the advanced diver rating to take the class and we will run that class on the 10 of August if we have enough signed up to take the class.

Our August open water class starting on August 11 th still has some openings so call and sign up for the class.  If you are planning a trip this winter now is the time to get certified so you can enjoy the underwater when you go to that tropical destination.

Thank you to those of you that have gone to the Dirty Jobs Website and added your review about Mike Rowe helping us take the vehicle off the bottom.  Here is the site so if you have not been to it, go on and give us a review.  A lot of you had emailed me when it first aired and stated how well you liked it so add your comments to the site.;episode_guide_list   

We just got another set of scuba gear in to sell on consignment.  There are three AL tanks priced at $90.00, $75.00, and $60.00 all with new hydro. visual, and fill. All three have tank boots and valve protector.  Also there is a XL US Divers BC, an Ikelite PC lite, and other gear.  We also have a Seaquest XL BC in excellent condition for sale.

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