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8 29 , 2009

Edition 17

Here we are in August and the water surface temperatures only reached a high of 72 degrees all summer.  I think this will go down as the coldest lake temperatures that I have recorded since I started diving in 1967. On the good side the visibility has been some of the best in years because we never did have a heavy algae bloom.  We still have some good diving left so if you have not made it a point to go this year stop out and let's go diving.

We are getting everything put together for a Cozumel trip the last week of January.  It looks like the price will be in the mid. $1500.00 dollar price range.  The one thing that is hitting us this year is the cost to take scuba gear and other luggage.

Monday is the last day to get in on Sherwood Scuba's trade in program on BCs.  You can generally save about $150.00 dollars on the trade in.  If interested give us a call to get more details.  So if your BC is old or in bad shape we can help you get a great deal on a new one.

We are now in the top ten listing of the Dirty Jobs show because divers have gone to this site and made a comment.  Please take a couple of minutes to log on and make a comment.;episode_guide_list

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