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Oct. 8, 2009

Edition 18

We are in the middle of Oct. and it is finally cooling down but there is still some good dives to made.  Lets get those last dives in before freeze up.

We need to get comments on our trip to Cozumel so we can lock in the prices so if you have any interest at all please give us a call so we know where you stand. If you have never been diving in the ocean or have been to other places there are very few places that compare to the trip we take to Cozumel.  It is one of the best priced trips out there, visibility is excellent, the coral is superb and the aquatic life is great. You can check out a video of a previous trip to see what it is like, we have them here at the dive center. We need to be on line with the trip by the end of Oct, to make sure we can still accommodate those that want to go.  A $500.00 dollar deposit will hold a spot for you on the trip.  If you are planning a trip someplace on your own keep us in mind for setting up your diving package as we can get you excellent rates with a safe operator.

Sherwood Scuba held a drawing for anyone that bought a BC from July through August. The name of the purchaser went into the drawing and the person had a chance to win an Al. scuba tank with boot and valve protector and the winner was an entry from our shop and the winner was Doyle Leitheiser.  Congratulation on winning the tank and it was great that Tri-State Diving got recognition for the dealers in our region.

The divers and snorkelers that have bought the new Kapitol Reef snorkel and used them have been very pleased with the purchase.  If you or someone you know are planning on making a trip to an exotic location I highly recommend a Kapitol Reef snorkel as you only breathe in fresh air and it is a totally dry snorkel.  It is really great for someone who is just learning to snorkel or are uncomfortable having water come down the tube.  Keep us in mind if you are planning a trip for your snorkeling needs.

We need to clear out inventory before the end of the year so we are pricing equipment to move so we are able to bring in new inventory for the spring.  We still have some real nice BCs in on consignment that the owners would like to get sold. Within the next week we will have the new Vendicator tank valve handle in for dives to look at.  This device replaces your handle on your scuba tank valve and with the color coded rings will tell you if your tank is open or closed taking the guess work out of knowing if you have air or not.  Stop in and take a look at it. It will sell for about $20.00.  Keep that diver friend in mind when it is time to buy gifts for the holidays.  Scuba gear always puts a smile on their face.

There have been some real interesting articles in Dive Training mag. on safe diving in regards to decompression and diving within your limits in the last few publications that should be of interest to beginners and seasoned divers.

There are still a bunch of you that have not picked up your cards and we would like to have them picked up when you get a chance. 

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