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June 4 , 2009

Edition 8

It looks like it will be 80 degrees here today but as usual it will be windy.  So far all this wind we have been having has not seemed to affect the visibility in our area lakes.

Divers tell us that when they try and tell their friends about how picturesque our underwater world is, their friends do not get a good picture of what we see.  Now you can change that.  We are handling an economically priced underwater digital camera system at the dive center. So now you can bring pictures back to show your non diver friends.  We will also have one in our rental program so you can try one before purchasing one.

The camera is an Epoque Model EHD-800 Ai and retails at $379.00 for camera and underwater housing.  You will generally pay this amount just for an underwater housing. It is an 8 MP camera and the system is tested to 155 feet fresh water.  It can also be used for taking macro photography.   The system is easy to use and we will have a 2GB card that you can purchase for $9.95 when you rent the camera or you can bring your own card.  The system will rent for $15.00 per day or $25.00 for the weekend.  This is a good option to see if you enjoy this new aspect of sharing our underwater world before purchasing your own system.

Sherwood Scuba is having a June promotion for its Midwest dealers and Tri-State Diving will be involved in it.  Any customer that purchases a new Sherwood BC from June 1 st through the 30 th will have their name go into a drawing to win an AL 80 CF scuba tank with valve, tank boot net and valve protector.  This is only a drawing for Midwest dealers so you should have a good chance at winning.

We have had some interest in running an underwater spear fishing class so if you are interested let me know and if we have enough sign up we will run a class.

Our next open water class starts June 23 and we still have some openings.

Our first Advanced open water classroom is June 19 th .

We will also be running a Rescue Diver class sometime in July and this is an excellent progression after getting your advanced certification.  It is a class that teaches self rescue and rescue of another diver that might be in trouble. Basically it is designed to keep from getting into a situation where a rescue needs to be made.

Lets get out and dive while the visibility is still great.

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