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June 11, 2009

Edition 9

Lakes are running about 60 plus degrees temperature at this time.  Pickerel Lake has about 18

foot visibility.  Big Cornmorant lake is running about the same temperature and has 15 foot visibility.  If you have been diving any other lakes in the area please let us know

know what the conditions are so we can pass that information on. 

A diver tried out the new under water digital camera and wow does it work great.  It really takes    some nice pictures. Stop in and see how the pictures turned out.

No one has found the big medallion yet so stop in and get the clues and go look for it.  There are                   also about 40 others in area lakes to be found.

We still have some certification cards here that students have not picked up.  Please make

arrangements to pick them up.  Some have been here over two years. 

We have some steel 80 cubic foot cylinders left on sale.

The new Surf Fur really works well for keeping a diver warm between and after dives and you can put over your wetsuit and sit in your vehicle and not worry about getting your car seat wet.

Our new Tri-State Diving T-shirts are in, in some sizes with the ANDI logo on them.

Sea You on the Bottom