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April 14, 2010

I am finally got back on line after my computer has been down for a month.  I found out it has been hard to do business without.  How dependent we have become on computers.  The sad thing is I lost a lot of data and that included emails.  I had to go back through records and add them back on my computer.  I know there are some missing so if you hear of anyone that used to get bottom time but is not now getting it have them send them their email address.

The Big Boys Toys Expo in Fargo went well last weekend with 54 people trying scuba.  We do have a class starting in West Fargo this Friday and have room for more students. Our next class in DL will be May 3.

This is the earliest ice out I can remember and talk about warm weather we are having.  Hopefully we will have an early dive season with the lakes warming up early.

Sea you on the bottom