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                July 10, 2010

What great weather we have had the last couple of days.  Lakes are really warming up nice and thermolcine is down to 25 plus in most of the lakes.  Good reports on vis. in Lake Six, Little Mac., and Eagle Lake south of Ottertail.   

The spear fishing class went on their first excursion yesterday and the fish won as no one was able to score a hit. (All did well on the targets but they don't move).  All are excited about getting out again.  If anyone has recommendations on good lakes to spear rough fish let us know as I am sure our group would be glad to help you get rid of them.  They were able to try both the band and pneumatic guns.  We have had more interest since the class so we will set another one up so call if you would like to join in on the fun. 

Those finishing their open waters this last week were Justin E, Tyler E, Jay G, and Taylor G.   They enjoyed the dives being able to see lots of fish.   There are a number of you that still need to get their checkout dives done so call and get them set up.  We can not send in the paper work until everyone in that class has completed their dives.

Pelican Lake now has been invaded with Zebra mussel and the DNR thinks that they have moved to lakes down stream from Pelican.  It is not the adult size that is being transported from lake to lake.  It is the small ones that you can barely see that are being transported.  So if you are diving in any lake that is infested make sure you are cleaning and drying all your gear before going into another lake. One adult can produce 1 million offspring per year. The DNR is bringing in a display for the dive center and they would like it if we find any infested areas or lakes to let us know or the DNR know about the location..

Our crew put in 8 moorings for Fair Hills Resort on Tuesday so it has been a busy summer putting in all the moorings for boat owners in the area.

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